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All of our selective Limassol hotels are available on request. We do not sell Limassol hotels at full price (rack rate), every single one of our Limassol hotels has reduced rates. After making your request for reservation, you will receive an email quotation & an approval booking code, within 24 hours.

Limassol Cyprus

Limassol (Lemesos)

Walk on ten miles of beautiful beaches, deservedly known as the Cypriot Riviera. Stroll in the sea promenade or visit the lush Municipal Gardens. On the coastal road to the east, just after the luxurious hotels and apartments, you will find Amathus, one of the ancient city kingdoms of Cyprus.

See the ruins and take a dip near the site of an ancient port. At 14 km west of Limassol lies Kolossi Castle, a medieval fortress whose walls contain not only an imposing tower and surrounding living quarters but also an ancient sugar factory. Just 19 km west of town, visit the Kourion archaeological site, an ancient city-kingdom, where you can take in a play or concert at the ancient Greco-Roman theatre, overlooking the blue Mediterranean. And, a bit further on, explore a treasure trove of Greek and Roman sites, such as the Sanctuary of Apollo.


List of Limassol hotels

5-star hotel Amathus hotel

5-star hotel Grand Resort hotel

5-star hotel Four Seasons hotel

5-star hotel Le Meridien

5-star hotel Londa Beach

5-star hotel Louis Apollonia

5-star hotel St. Raphael hotel

4-star hotel Mediterranean hotel

4-star hotel Atlantica Oasis hotel

4-star hotel Atlantica Miramare

4-star hotel Atlantica Bay hotel

4-star hotel Elias hotel

4-star hotel Ajax hotel

4-star hotel Poseidonia hotel

3-star hotel Kanika Pantheon hotel

Caravel Hotel

4-star hotel Curium Palace hotel

4-star hotel Holiday Inn

3-star hotel Golden Arches hotel

3-star hotel Arsinoe hotel

3-star hotel Navaria hotel

3-star hotel Aquarius hotel 

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